Community We Work

Community - We Work

Parivar Vikas primarily works with socially and economically weaker and marginalized sections, especially Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Minorities. Most of these are below poverty line and are deprived of basic human facilities.

Jamui is a predominantly rural district with as much as 92.91 per cent population residing in rural areas. Scheduled Castes constitute 17.94 per cent population, while Scheduled Tribes form 4.89 per cent of population. The topography of Jamui is of diverse nature. Some parts are hilly and some are plain areas. Of the 10 development blocks as many as six have bulk of hilly terrain.

A fraction of high castes owns large tracts of fertile agriculture land, while most of the low caste people are either landless or own small chunks of less or infertile land. Such people have little or no source of livelihood or food security. They mostly reside in drought prone areas, where only cactus and palm trees grow. They generally are not aware of their rights and lead a life of deprivation of worst form.

It is with such deprived people that Parivar Vikas primarily works. The organisation's interventions are bringing in positive changes in the lives of the target community. We have active network of people working all around nation for CHILD AWARE (Advocacy and Welfare Action in Rights & Education).

Other than Bihar state we have initiative on extremely vulnerable communities in Jharkhand, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.