Our approach towards to development is to build the capacity of the Local groups and oriented towards poverty reduction. It is essential to make them aware about and have access to basic social services and the right to life and security. Create an attitude of respect for equal participation of women and men, boys and girls in development process

Attention will be given to stop discrimination among vulnerable groups. People to realize their rights to access information relating to the decision-making process which affect their lives. Efforts will have to be taken to ensure the right to be heard that means equitable participation in political, economic and social policy-making decisions. Also deliberate and strategic interventions are required to improve the economic development through agriculture and micro-enterprises development initiative.

Right Based Approach

It is established fact that poor and marginalized people can participate and contribute to mainstream developmental process only when they are effectively organized and mobilized. This proposal will give wider scope to the people to organize at different levels like formation of village development committee, labor groups, youth groups, SHGs etc. These groups will be empowered through various awareness programs, training, workshops, meetings, etc. In addition to this, peer pressure groups will be formed who will create pressure on PRI representatives and blocks for providing the different social welfare schemes to the community. So, this approach community people will be enable to demand their rights and exercise them for the best interest in development of the society as a whole.

Social Inclusion

The social fabric of Bihar is unique in comparison to other states of India which not only segregates community into strong line of caste system at large. Social or caste characteristics are associated with constraints and lack of opportunities. Caste identity is a strong indicator of the poor, illiterates low paid, low status agriculture labor, or those living in poorly constructed houses with limited access to basic services. Incidence of poverty in light among SC/ST compared to others. The community participation is at center of attention of this proposal and involvement of rural people at different level, one of them is self-help groups. This will create a wider scope of involvement of poor people to enhance their economic status.

Community Participation

Community participation is the key approach. In each village there will be different groups like village development committee, youth groups, peer pressure groups, self help groups and others who will assist project in effective functioning of program. Monthly meetings of these groups will be organised and their skills will improve through various training. They will be educated on understanding the right to information act to exercise it for their development.

Gender Equality

Vulnerability of women, especially even among the disadvantaged and marginalized communities has always been an important hindering factor in reducing poverty or overcome marginalization. The proposed plan will be address women’s empowerment in the area of economic self reliance. For this self help groups will be the main vehicle to empower the women and SHG will be one of means to organize women at grass-root level which will raise their status in the family and in the society at large. This will also help them in bringing recognition for women in the family and develop their confidence level

Advocacy and Networking

Advocacy will be done at three levels i.e. Panchayat, Block and District regarding schemes carried out by the Govt including social security schemes. For this several activities like workshop, dharna, pradarshan, rallies etc. will be conducted as a mode of advocacy.Networking will be established with Govt. department at district level as well as Institutions working for the agricultural development like ATMA, KVK and others.