Our Resources

Our Resources

Human Resource

Parivar Vikas is guided by an Executive Body headed by the Chairman. The Secretary, Sanchalak and Treasurer are other important constituents of the Executive Body. Sanchalak is the chief functionary and heads programmes and administration departments of the organisation. He is helped and guided by an Advisory Group.

Apart from 30 core staff, the organisation has a resource base of 106 staffers and 110 volunteers. Members of 416 people’s institutions are another group of valuable human resource. These include 310 self-help groups, 26 child and youth clubs, 12 farmers’ clubs/common interest groups, 17 village committees and 60 village health committees.

Physical Resource

Parivar Vikas has office, training and residential complex at remote Guguldih village, which is about 30 km from the district headquarters Jamui. The complex has been named Chandrashekhar Nagar to propagate the memory of the then Land and Revenue Minister of Bihar, Chandra Shekhar Singh, who got 84 Schedule Castes and Scheduled Tribes families rehabilitated on this once inhospitable piece of land.

The complex has enough office and training halls, mess, training participants’ residential space, resource persons’ rooms, and guest rooms and staff residence, amidst lush greenery. The office is equipped with latest technology and training equipment. Dedicated Sponsor office for maintain all the day to day activity of sponsor relationship management.