Do a Charity

Do A Charity

We would love to welcome your charity work through us. If you like to give away any things which we find it can make a change in someone’s life we receive it from you and distribute these to someone needed the most and we share the activities of such charity to you. Anything such as (Old/New) Educational Item (Books, Note books, Pen, Pencil, Sketches etc.). Cloths, Toys, Furniture,

Insight – We can collect any day and every tri semester collected items, we distribute these to the group of deprived community children.

Strategy – End of trimester we check the items or specific charity type collected fund. Based on the collected fund/items we decide the number of beneficiary and distribute the items as per their needs OR engage them. These are very cost effective small programme which has mainly done by volunteers (from collection of items to preparing the group of deprived children and then delivering the services and maintaining the records)

For charity you can : E-mail – | Whatsapp +91 9674345551| Call +91 9674345551

Our volunteer will get in touch with you