Sponsor a child today and nurture the destiny of someone's. To progress in life they have literally nothing with them other than hope.

If you sponsor a child, It means you are bringing a well being in his/her life.

Your monthly small contribution to a particular child will essentially provide him/her education, hygiene, nutrition and opportunity of participation in community. At the end children will be living in mainstream of life where they would be educated, confident, empowered and rural community would be free from poverty and illiteracy. Which can be achieved with our collaborative approach.

To Sponsor a child kindly write us to parivarvikas@gmail.com | Whatsapp +91 9674345551

How we progress with Sponsors Relationship?

1. Please write us parivarvikas@gmail.com. As per your request trough email. We will send list and detail of children ( 6 to 14 years age group) in need from rural part of India.

2. Once you select you sponsor child(ren) from the list then we will connect you along with children and his/her family through video call.

3. After you discussion If you are happy to approve this as your sponsor child then we will send a official welcome & thanking communication and child summery.

4. Your monthly donation ($ 49 ) will be invested on your sponsored children for their continuous nutrition, education and in extra curricular activity for life skill learning. So that you can see them growing as educated, confident & empowered.

5. As part of monitoring you can connect with your sponsor child any day through our video conferencing. Also, our team will keep sending you progress report of your sponsor child in every three month.

6. Our Sponsors are always welcome to visit and see their sponsor child and our organization's work culture and process. It will highly encourage us and our community