Fight for AIDS

HIV Prevention and Planning Coalition

Project Title - FIGHT FOR HIV/AIDS

Goal - Every people in Jamui District should aware of HIV/AIDS and prevention

Objective - To reduce HIV and STD incidence among high-risk populations

Project Location - 40 Villages in Jamui District, Bihar, India

Project Introduction: -

Short and intensive HIV prevention education messages will be provided on the street in form of poster, rally, workshop, kishori mela and campaigning. The primary objective of this outreach is to enroll people into small group risk-reduction education sessions. Information on STDs and treatment will be provided by a professional practitioner from District Health Center. STD and HIV testing will be provided on health community centre. Participants who test positive will be recontacted and provided counseling and referral to treatment. HIV/STD screening will occur twice a month.

Training to adolescent group on HIV/AIDS prevention. The Project will assist the community to bring a a comprehensive behavior change communication action plan, including mass media and community outreach to effect behavior change and reduce the risk of HIV infection among youth (15–24 years).

- To provide HIV and STD testing to community people
- For persons who test positive for HIV, to enroll 80% at the Adult Immunology Clinic
- For persons who test positive for an STD, to ensure medical treatment for 75%.
- For 33% of clients who identify needs, to make on-the-spot appointments with a health centre
- To have 300 members of target population commit to using latex barriers (condom, dental dam) with their clients and/or partners the next time they have sex.

Implementation Strategy

Community-Based HIV/AIDS Prevention

- People living with HIV/AIDs, IDUs, and sex workers acting as peer educators to mobilize their peers to have testing and counseling.
- Needles and condoms distributed by peer educators; people who wish to give up drugs reached though community-based rehabilitation programs.
- 10 teachers of Sympathy classes and 10 teachers of vocational training centers trained to become resource persons on HIV/AIDS prevention and life skills.

PHC Health worker training on Counselling for HIV victims

Mass Media and Interpersonal Communication Materials

community workers equipped with competencies such as the effective use of IPC materials and counseling methods for adult learners, HIV/AIDS and STD knowledge, tools to reduce stigma and discrimination, effective parenting, gender awareness, and “first aid” for drug users.