Sight Savour Healthy Eyes

Sight Savor Healthy Eyes

Project Title - Vision Rehabilitation

Objective - Enable community for Safe motherhood and healthy development of child

- To identify cataract patient and get them treated properly
- To provide eye testing facilities to the target community
- To provide spectacles to the needy poor people
- To sensitize people about the various fatal chronic eye diseases like Glaucoma, cornea ulcer, tragium etc.
- To spread out general precautions need to be taken for proper care of eyes

Project Location - Jamui District, Bihar, India

The vision centre tests the eye power, makes spectacles and performs cataract operation and provides treatment to the patients. Parivar Vikas also organised eye camps at different places for the patients who are unable to come to the centre. Vision Centre engage in organizing camps in the target area for identifying eye patients and making people aware of the general precautions for eyes. Camps are generally held during the period between August and April. Starting from 18 camps in 2005, it reached to 101 in 2008.

Vision Centre is extensively reaching out to the cataract patient mainly through camps. PVC puts all possible efforts for identifying cataract patients at curable stage. When PVC started its Vision Centre in September, 2005, it managed to carry out operation of 208 patients through Mujaffarpur Eye Hospital, the figures reached 1167 in 2008. Vision Centre promotes habit of regular eye check up so that preventive/curative measures can be taken at the early stage. Eye testing facilities are available both in camps and Vision Centre, Jamui. In many cases patients need to be equipped with lenses/glasses, in those cases Vision centre are providing the spectacles at almost one third of market rates.

In 2008 Vision centre of Parivar Vikas performed vision test of CCF children in project area with an objective to provide quality eye care facilities to the children in the age group of 0-14 years and to sensitize parents, teacher and the community about eye diseases and necessary eye-care. Till now It carried out eye test of 1840 children and eight identified problematic cases were referred to Mujaffarpur Eye Hospital for necessary treatment. Participants were made aware of various eye and eye related diseases along with possible curative and preventive measures. It also provided counselling about right ways of caring eye.