Project TITLE URGE (Uplifting Rural Girl's Education)

PROJECT STATUS - Fundraising


DURATION - Continuous

OBJECTIVE - Provide continuous supportive classes up to successful completion of secondary school examination and restoration of school - drop outs girls into mainstream education. Promoting & Strengthening rural girl’s education along with E-learning, computer & IT basic knowledge to youth with physical disability

GOAL - To provide free primary and secondary education with computer educational & career counselling services to poor children especially young girls from deprived communities making surety of passing their class 10th exam.

VISION - An educated, confident and empowered community for Girls enabled with computer knowledge with their mainstream education so they too contribute in employment, in socioeconomic and democratic participation for nation development

PROJECT LOCATION - Village Chandrashekharnagar, PO-Guguldih, Via Gidhaur, Jamui, Bihar, 811305, India

PROJECT BENEFICARIES - 20 hamlets/villages of Gidhaur, Barhat & Laxmipur block of Jamui district of Bihar province, India. More than 2000 girls will get indirect benefit and more than 200 girls will get direct benefit from multiple community from more than 20 village from 5 blocks in rural district Jamui in state Bihar, country – India.

Strategy & Ideas - Providing tuition for core subjects like English, Math, Science focusing syllabus class 10th examination. Also, to educate with computer basic knowledge and provide some supportive English communication classes. To make those girls confident engaging them in participation of regular test, presentation skill and extracurricular activities. Also engaging our girl student in sensitizing programme for women empowerment using campaigning, rally, and dramas at village, block level, district level

URGE (Uplifting Rural Girl's Education)

An Initiative of PARIVAR VIKAS NGO, Bihar, India towards WOMEN EMPOWERMENT.

Problem Statement

As per UNESCO 774 million illiterates worldwide -- about 493 million, are women, who are unable or have difficulties reading text messages, filling out forms. 123 million people between 15 and 24 years of age who cannot read or write. Of these illiterate youth, 76 million are women and 54 million of them are based in only nine countries: India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, United Republic of Tanzania, Egypt and Burkina Faso.

We Parivar Vikas - Non-Governmental Organization, working with people in Bihar India for a nation free from poverty, illiteracy, and injustice. We work in state Bihar, has India’s lowest female literacy rate (~51%, 42% in my district of Jamui) and Asia's one of the lowest female literacy rate. Lowest female workforce participation rate (FWPR), with only 89 per 1,000 women employed in the entire state of Bihar. This number is even lower in the Jamui district. Due to continued dowry practices (despite being banned in Bihar), our girls are being emotionally abused. Rural girls in Bihar are forced into marriage at an early age, with one third of girls getting married at 14 to 18 years of age, among the highest child marriage rates in India according to a 2016 Word Bank survey. Bihar has been declared the third worst state for women in India according to Social Status Indicators and gender discrimination KPI. Targeted community's families are either landless or having own small chunks of less or infertile land. Main source of livelihood for these community people are working as agricultural labour. Their children get encouraged to drop out of school and working similarly as brick works labour / agriculture labour / as helping hand in hotel / and quite often victims of child trafficking. Youth from this communities are migrated at least 1000 miles far to work as constructions labour or industrial labour in metro cities for livelihood. The district of Jamui is also heavily affected by Naxal violence, resulting in a dangerous community for women & children. The Human Rights of these women and girls need to be protected.

PROJECT Introduction

By identifying and understanding the root causes of girl’s child rights & education at risks and failures, program staff and local partners could develop carefully targeted interventions and actions to start providing tuition for core subjects like English, Math, Science focusing syllabus for class 10th examination and computer learning at Parivar Vikas NGO village Chnadrashekhar Nagar. This village got the electricity in year 2017. This centre will be accessible to 22 near villages where no girls having the knowledge of computer. They are hardly continuing their secondary education. This project will not only for just computer education but also support community to making sure girl's continuous education. The project target villages are mostly inhabited by schedule caste/tribe and other backward community. The levels of computer literacy in these communities are zero. The communities are poor and not only fully aware on the various aspects of child right’s and protection issues but also living with multiple social illness. So, under this project the stress has given to form a better society for girls. Educating & empowering them through computer knowledge along with their mainstream education and increasing their chances of socioeconomic participation.


NGO will monitor it in an ongoing basis. Quarterly reports to stakeholders by programmed manager. District level stake holders will monitor it monthly. Donor agency (or individual) will monitor the project every quarter and in random. EVALUATION plan will be as initial baseline study to ascertain extent of problem prior to project interventions. Case studies, best practices, lessons learned and other information, will be carefully documented and presented in report. Indicators to be used to track project performance. Our project donor can request update on this project by emailing us on parivarvikas@gmail.com

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