History of Organization

Parivar Vikas came into existence in the year 1988 under the leadership of a social activist Mr. Bhawanand and few other likeminded people of the locality to serve the poor and needy people for their integrated development by translating the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi, Sri Jay Prakash Narayan and Binovaji in action. A rural working office of the organization started in village Chandrashekhar Nagar, near Guguldih of Barhat Block of Jamui district in the same year to work for the rural people. The organization ‘PARIVAR VIKASH’ has been registered under society registration act on 2nd December 1988. From onward the organization started its journey of development and serving the poor people of its surrounding villages.
There is a history of establishment of the organization in Chandrashekhar Nagar. During the period of 1988 Chandrashekhar Nagar and its surrounding villages were mere barren pieces of land without any facilities where people can’t imagine living and settling in the area. In the year 1984 the then Revenue Minister Mr. Chandrasekhar Singh rehabilitated 84 schedule caste families on Govt. land in the village  Chandrashekhar Nagar as part of Govt. rehabilitation process of landless families. But due to lack of civic facilities, barren and unproductive land, lack of education and health facilities in the area, lack of water resources and irrigation facilities the families started migrating to other place. The issue of migration is discussed by intellectual people with the organization Governing Body. Then the PARIVAR VIKAS team took it as a challenge and decided to improve the quality of life and bring the smile on the dying faces of poor community people. Since onward the organization is making its continuous effort to bring visible changes in the life of poor people through implementing various program activities. 
In the beginning it has started its developmental activities with the support of community people and local contribution. It was felt that in order to bring the change in the life of mass poor people it will be never be possible only from local contribution and their support. So the need was felt to find out external assistance to accelerate the growth of the needy people. In the year 1991 the organization applied for FCRA registration, and got the registration under Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India for receiving grants from International Funding Agencies for implementation of various programs. Gradually it contacted several agencies and got support from CCF-India (presently ChildFund India).Though the organization has worked with several National and International agencies so far. But the Child Fund India is continuously extending its helping hand to the organization for the integrated development of the children, community and society as a whole. During the past years it has worked with various reputed International Agencies like LWR, EZE, GTZ, CFLI, IGSSS and Govt. agencies like SSA, KVK. At present it is working with CHILDFUND INDIA, CHILD LINE, NABARD and KVK.

Community We Work

We have been working currently mainly for most vulnerable following communities in 6 blocks ( Barhat, Sikandara, Gidhaur, Laxmipur, Jamui,  Jhajha) of Jamui district, Bihar, India

Schedule tribe
Schedule caste (Dalit) 
Extreme Schedule caste (Maha Dalit)
Other Backward caste (OBC)
Minority (Muslim) 
Mushar commuity

Registration & FCRA

- Parivar Vikas Chandrashekhar Nagar has registered under 1860 Society Registration Act 
- FCRA registration with Ministary of Home Affairs
- 12A and 80G 
- Niti Aayog UniqueId 
- Unique Id  BR/2016/0113752

Our Members

Operational Area We Work

We have been wokring mainaly in 47 villlages of 6 blocks in Jamui districts,Bihar.